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If interested in an available pup or dog, keep in mind that until you give me a definate comittment to purchase the dog, it is still on the market and could sell at any time. 

"I'm Interested" is not a solid comittment. 


Retired adult westies are usually priced at $800 to $2,000 to pet homes.  Price will depend upon age, pedigree, and several other factors.


I may sell ALL our young AKC champion pedigreed Toy Fox Terriers, (one is a finished akc champion male, one champion sired male and two champion sired females, (one of which is bred as of 2/8/18) for $4,000 FIRM as a package. 

I would sell Dutch separately for $500 to pet home, $700 for breeding. 

Would consider splitting the dogs into two breeding pairs, but they will not be any cheaper that way!  Contact me for more info in seriously interested.  This breed is pretty rare dog in the US.  I would not consider selling them if I didn't need the money to pay the IRS...frown  




Dutch is son of AKC Champion TOCUTE AT WALNUTRIDGE REVELATION. DOB 2/2016.  He is available to pet/reputable breeding home. He is $500 to pet home, $700 to show/breeding home. He is sweet with his people but doesn't like strangers (very wary with strangers, takes him about a week to get used to women, he takes up with men a bit quicker. Should make a great pet or ideal as a stud dog for a good breeding program. Not outgoing enough to show.   Weight is around 6.5 lbs (my scales are not perfectly accurate). Although we do not do ANY type of commercial shipping to pet homes, I can ship to breeders due to weird USDA rules, or I can often meet part way or deliver (buyer pays my expenses), within reasonable distance of my home. Located in northeastern Arkansas, map me by zip code 72532.

Beautiful 12 yr old champion sired male stud dog, Fergus, is available to approved pet home free of charge.  No papers will be given.  He deserves to live out his life in leisure.  He will need a belly band in your home until you get him to stop hiking his leg, if ever.  Fergus is very sweet and gets along great with other dogs except when one of his girls is in heat, then he will compete with the other intact males in my kennel.  He will not be a problem with neutered males or with any females.  Loves kids and has never met a stranger.