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NO SHIPPING or pet nannies or any other commercial shipping methods allowed! Buyers can fly or drive in to get their puppy. When that's not possible, we can often deliver or meet part way at buyer's expense.  Don't make plans without checking with me, we carefully schedule all pickups and deliveries in advance. There IS A FEE for our time and gas if we need to deliver or meet half way. ALL PUPPY BUYERS, PLEASE READ THE BELOW INFO THOROUGHLY AS WELL AS THE GUARANTEE PAGE!! Email me at YARDSALENUT59@INBOX.COM or YARDSALENUT59@YAHOO.COM

WESTIE PUPPIES: All our upcoming westie pups are AKC champion grandsired.  Puppies are $1300 to $1500 to pet homes, $1750 - $2000 for show/breeding when approved.   Westie pups are ready to go at 8 weeks.  WE OFFER STUD SERVICE to quality AKC westies.  We have several males available, scroll all the way down!  

UPCOMING WESTIE LITTERS:   Pearl-Bug litter due 7/18/17.  Faith-Jayzee litter will be due around 8/26/17.  Hope-Bug litter hopefully due around 9/1.  At this time, only accepting deposits on males from these future litters.

NORWICH TERRIERS:  We don't expect ANY Norwich puppies ready to go until around January 2018.  We offer stud service to quality AKC norwich though, we have a gorgeous black/tan male.  laughing

$250 non-refundable deposit required to get on the waiting list for ANY future litters or hold any puppy we have for sale.  Deposit locks in your spot on the list and locks in your puppy price SO VERIFY PRICE WHEN YOU PUT DOWN DEPOSIT!  Not ready to commit? Ask to be put on the email list if you just want to be notified when we have something available.  NOTE: we do not hold a pup without a SOLID commitment from you to PURCHASE the pup.  So if you decide you definately want a particular pup, tell us so plainly and we'll hold it pending deposit. Just saying you're "interested" is NOT considered a solid commitment and pup could be sold at any time.

We feed Taste of the Wild High Prairie Bison/Venison Puppy to our pups and Victor foods to our grown dogs, my dog food is delivered to my door by Lambert Pet Supply, we use a mix of Victor and Taste Of The Wild.  I would like to use Taste Of The Wild exclusively but the protein is too high for pregnant females.  We also use and highly recommend NuVet Vitamins for our puppy buyers.  Go to to order before you bring your puppy home if you want to continue your pup on it's current vitamins.

I have a very busy schedule so when you make an appointment, please make every effort to be on time.. If you're running more then thirty minutes ahead or an hour behind, call me ASAP to let me know so that I can try to rearrange my schedule.  Located in northcentral Arkansas, you can ONLY map us online by zip code 72532. CALL FOR DIRECTIONS, BELIEVE ME FROM PAST EXPERIENCES, YOU CANNOT ALWAYS RELY ON GPS OR ONLINE DIRECTIONS TO FIND US!   BALANCE DUE IN CASH ONLY, WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR PUPPY (IF YOU SHOW UP WITH A CHECK, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO GET CASH OR RISK LOSING DEPOSIT)!   **  $25 microchip fee will be added to your balance, to cover actual cost of microchip and the cost for ME to register the chip in YOUR name.  We use AKC Reunite microchips.






Carmen-Bug boy born 5/23, ready to go 7/18/17. 82 champions in six generations, AKC champion grandsired, dam is small. This boy has the harder slicker puppy coat that is what you look for in a show puppy, believe it or not! The fluffy pups have a softer coat. Non-refundable deposit will hold. $1300 to pet home.