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When these cute little puppies act out (as they will), many owners at first think it's cute and encourage it.  Don't encourage unwanted behaviors!! It's important to train the pup as early as possible.  Remember that there are puppies who can easily grasp the training, while there are others who are a bit slower to catch on. Do not be discouraged if it takes awhile to train pup. You need to persevere! By using the right techniques as well as the right attitude, your dog will eventually learn to behave properly.  Spaying or neutering will help a lot to calm down a destructive or hyper pup.  Dogs are pack animals.  They follow the commands of their pack leader. Owners should assert themselves as the pack leader who is responsible for their food and care. Consistency and fair leadership should be remembered because it's key to successful training.

It's ideal for a puppy to have his own crate. This serves as his comfort zone, an area where he rest and sleep. Puppies usually keep their crate clean. So putting the puppy in his crate should not be a punishment when mistakes are made. It will be a lot easier to put the puppy in his crate when he loves to be in it.
The crate should accommodate your pup with very little room to spare, or buy one that will fit him when he's fully grown (it should have dividers so he has little extra space until he's able to stay clean in his crate consistently). Always maintain the crate as an area where the puppy feels security and comfort.  They have crates on the market now with a place for bed on one side and a pad on the other, those might work well but I prefer my pup be trained to only go outside..  

Feed your dog on a schedule. Your puppy will be on three small meals a day. You can place his food near his crate together with his toys. Choose a wholesome food.  Steer away from table food except safe things in small amounts like carrots, fruits and vegs, etc.., and unless you're an expert, don't try to make your own dog food!  Treats are the main reason dogs end up overweight.  Owners think they are showing their dogs they love them.  Actually they are hurting them.  So cut way back on those treats and use only healthy things for treats.  Cooked beef liver, baby carrots, dehydrated sweet potatos, fruits, etc (no grapes or raisins though).. are all good choice and won't pack on the weight unless you go overboard with them.

As a pack leader, it is necessary to determine the right place for pup to pee. The backyard is perfect, but it should be easily accessible.  To establish the puppy’s peeing routine, you need to consistently bring the puppy to the same area. Know that puppies pee frequently and that they have low urine retention. They need to pee from 10 to 12 times per day so you have to bring him to that area at least every two hours. This means that it is your responsibility to wake up at the middle of the night to take the pup to his pee spot. Meanwhile, you also have to learn the puppy’s body language before he pees. There are some puppies that sniff, go round in circles, or stand with the rear leg up.  Learn your pup's signals!  Puppies cannot hold it when they first wake up from overnight or from naps and they also often have to pee halfway through rough play.

It is very helpful to train the puppy to poop whenever you command him to do so. You can make use of a phrase like “go poop” or whatever you prefer. Making a signal for this will enable the puppy to defecate at the right time and at the appropriate spot. Thus, the puppy will not create a mess inside or outside the house. When this is successfully done, make sure to cuddle the puppy and give him a food treat so that he associates the treat with the correct response to your command.

Mistakes usually happen the first few weeks of training.  Never punish the puppy, praise his appropriate behavior and immediately clean up the mess he created.  Use a cleaning product that will leave no odor or the puppy will return to that area.

Points to Remember in House Training your Puppy:

1. Select the best diet for your dog!
2. Food treats should be given when he properly executes your commands

3. Praise your puppy when he does his toilet in the right place. Reinforcing his good behavior will encourage him to do it again.  Don't just turn your pup out alone in the backyard and expect him to know what he's out there for!

4. Be consistent with your commands.

When puppies exhibit bad behavior, it needs to be corrected ASAPby scolding him verbally, not through physical harm. But dogs do not have the capacity to comprehend what you are saying, that's why it's important to catch the puppy in the act so that scolding will be effective.  (praising good behavior is better then scolding bad so try to avoid the bad behavior in the first place)  Consistency is key, don't let them get by with bad behavior, don't laugh and think it's cute.  It won't be cute a year from now!
Dog owners need to have lots of patience while training, especially when it comes to housebreaking. The mess should be cleaned properly and thoroughly with vinegar water, and the dog should be trained to do it in your selected area. Be consistent with everything so that the dog will not be confused!


MY OWN PERSONAL ADVICEOUR PUPPIES ARE ON HEALTH EXTENSION LITTLE BITES AND FROMM CLASSIC PUPPY, AND DOGS ARE ON HEALTH EXTENSION AND PROPLAN SPORT 30/20 (the one with weimeraner on the bag),  You want to feed your dogs a good meat based dog food. Brown rice is good in the top half of the ingredient list as long as meat is first.  

Picking up your puppy:  I have a few supplies on hand, if you need something just ask before you take puppy home.  Remember to bring a crate, dish, puppy pads or newspaper, bottled water, harness and leash.  If you forget, I have some very cute stainless double diners and ceramic puppy dishes for sale cheap.  

We use and highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins! Go to to order before you get your puppy home, or if you just want to learn more about it.  

I want ALL my pups kept on one of their two puppy foods for at least a month after they go to new homes so be sure to have one of these two foods on hand before picking up your puppy!  Puppies are on Fromm Classic Puppy and Health Extension foods (and chihuahuas are on Health Extension Stress Drops).  All pups are on NuVet vitamins.  Click on this link to order!  Save 5% with coupon code STRAWBERRYRIVER 


 READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS!! **  I don't recommend flour based dog treats, dogs get fat on empty calories but who is blamed?  The breeder!  Treats CAN be great for training though, so  buy meat or veggie/fruit based treats from PawTree or why make your own homemade treats?  SUPER EASY TO MAKE, grill or saute beef liver, (or any other red meat) until dried out.  Cool, cut into small cubes and freeze in freezer bags. Many dogs also like raw or dehydrated fruits and vegetables such as raw carrots and dehydrated sweet potatos.  Most of my dogs love to chew on deer antlers.  Always do research to make sure what you plan to feed is safe for your dog!



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