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This page features dogs and puppies born here at Strawberry River, but out of dogs that have long since retired (many of them go back 15-18 years, back when we didn't have champion pedigreed westies).

If you don't see your dog's picture on here, be sure to email it to me again!!  I've lost some.  Also send in your comments to put under your picture.

LUA, a Carlie-Toto girl at 4 years old. Thanks Carolina for an adorable picture!

MIA, a Toto puppy, loves to swim in the pool!

Mary Kate-Toto pup lives with the Haddad's.

CARLIE, one of the past "mother dogs" here at Strawberry River, born and raised here. Carlie now lives with Betsy in NY and is spoiled rotten! Betsy is running for Mayor and she's been told Carlie should be her running mate!!

HENRI, a Grace/Toto Pup. Henri lives in Louisiana with the Mayon's. "Henri just loves Liam! Erica M" ** Erica recently came back to us to get a "friend" for Henri, as well as a shih tzu puppy for her grandmother! ** UPDATE, SINCE THIS LAST POST, HENRI WAS STOLEN OUT OF HIS BACKYARD! HE IS MICROCHIPPED IF I REMEBER RIGHT, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A GORGEOUS SMALL WESTIE THAT SOMEONE SUDDENLY CAME INTO POSESSION OF AROUND 2014!!

ROWDY, Jasmine-Toto. "I was thinking about Rowdy (3.5 years old 20 Lbs.) during work today and what a joy he is to me. I just had to say to you that all the work you do in breeding and nurturing your pups has added immeasurably to my life in the form of Rowdy! Thank you so much! N Zimmerman"

ALASTAIR, a Beth-Toto male..."Alastair at 3 years old. Love of my life xx! Kathy"

SPENCER, a Carlie-Toto boy at 8 months. "He is very handsome & so alert & curious and scary smart. The trainer said his body is perfect too! Why the girls whistle and chase him! Ha!" E Schaper

RUBY, a Beth-Toto Female puppy born 9/15/11. "She is everything we could have every asked for, especially sweet, loving and smart. She is very even tempered and tolerant as well. In my eyes she is the perfect dog! Thank you! Rebecca"

KEELA, a Jasmine-Colin girl. "She was the smartest, friendliest, most wonderful dog we have ever owned. She was my shadow and the light of my life. We have been an extremely happy westie family because of you. Renee P"

CODY, "I thought you might want to update Cody's photo on your site with this one. Cody exceeded my expections at the NADAC National Championships October 4-7, 2012. We even made it into the finals at our first championships. This boy never ceases to amaze me and I thank God (and you) for bringing him into my life each and every day! P Couture" (shortly after this Cody earned his NADAC title, the very first westie to ever do so!!) SINCE PAULA POSTED THAT, CODY HAS GONE ON TO BECOME #1 WESTIE AND #6 DOG NATIONWIDE IN THE NADAC AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!

LITABIT, a Mary Kate-Cully Jr female pup: "We have DogTV and she is hilarious with it. She goes to the bedroom tv and tells me to turn it on, then she will jump on the bed and watch.... She will watch it in her crate while we are in the rv. She us absolutely hilarious, and is a climber.... She has been caught on both the kitchen and dining tables....No food, she just wants to see.." Diane Z"

SUGAR BEAR- An adorable female out of Mary Kate-Cully Jr, now lives with Heather H in southern Arkansas!

Delilah-Braveheart boy. "He is such a wonderful boy! We love him so much! I'll be contacting you we want to get a girl westie in the spring! Lissa" (Lissa did come back for her second westie pup too!!)

"Here are some pictures of Mazey! She is a Beth/Toto puppy born 9/2011. She is adorable, very smart and full of personality! She is also my constant companion; she loves her cuddle time with momma :) Thank you SO much again! I don't know what I'd do without her! Laurel"

"Riley is doing great, he is the sweetest dog we have ever had. He is now 7 and cute as ever. Our oldest daughter is thinking about getting a Westie and she will be getting in touch with you when the time is right. M Helmer"

"Good Afternoon Tracy, Memorial day weekend in 2002 we drove to pick the new addition to our family, Frankie. She was a girl from Bailey & Cricket. She passed away Saturday but not before giving us 12 glorious years!!!! I just wanted to say thank you. Without you we would have never had our dear Franks! Sincerely, Jennifer Ensminger O'Neal"

HANNAH..."We came to Strawberry River in 2004 and brought Hannah to be in our forever pet home. Along the way we have a obtained a retired King Charles and a rescued Yorkie that have been her sweet friends. She loves buggy rides and is happy and healthy. She is smart as well as beautiful...we thank you for all you do to breed the best doggies ever! Thought you would enjoy seeing her again! Janice" UPDATE: Hannah has since died and Janice came back for her second westie from us!

BRUNO, a Claire boy. "Tracey is a wonderful person who treats the westies pup with love and care. We bought our Bruno 1 year ago and he is the most intelligent and curious pup out of all my three dogs. I highly recommend Strawberry River Westies the best place to get a healthy westie pup. Michele"

MACKENZIE, a Fergus girl born 11/7/12. "Here are the Christmas pictures of Kenzie. She is full of energy , smart and a cutie. We all love having her as part of our family :) We love her! The Tengs"

BRISTOL, a Fergie-Ozzie girl born in '09. "This our sweet Bristol Kay! She has to keep her hair and skirt short because she loves to roll in Cyprus tree needles and they get stuck in all that hair! She loves laying in the sun, chasing squirrels and playing with our 2 toddler kids. She is so full of energy and gives the best kisses when we come home! Can't imagine life without her! Amber L"

LILY, 7 yr old daughter of colin and Delilah.

MURPHY, a Grace-Toto boy at 3.5 yrs. "We are excited to be getting a brother for him from the Claire-Duncan litter. Murphy has been working toward becoming a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dog International (TDI). He should be tested later this year. We plan to have both dogs participate in hospital therapy work. Like most Westies, Murphy patrols his backyard on foot or from the back of couch looking out the window! He loves to go for walks, ride in the car and ride the electric bike with Darrell. I've had other Westies but he is the sweetest, friendliest, and most intelligent ever! I'm thankful that I found Tracey and Strawberry River Westies. If you're looking for a reputable and honest breeder - look no further than Strawberry River. Kim"

LILY BELLE, a Galina-Charly pup. "Lily Belle just had her first birthday and she is so cute. She weighs about 15 lbs. the Taylors" Tennessee

DENNIS & HIS DAD CHARLY , "New photo of Dennis & Charly. Dennis has one heck of a personality. Can't imagine my life without him! Ashley M" UPDATE: Ashley came back and bought Dennis' father Charly 7/15 so this is now a picture of the pair!!

IAN, a Galina-Charly boy at 9 months old. He is absolutely gorgeous! Lives in Amarillo with the Kupers!

BAILEY, a Charly daughter. "I'll just say she is the sweetest, most loving little pup we've ever had. I would love to get another Westie some day. I enjoyed working with you, Tracey, and you handle everything so professionally and promptly. I can tell you love what you do and you do it very well. My three daughters are in love with Bailey. She has brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you, Anna S., Jonesboro, AR"

GIDGET, a Dixie-Fergus girl. "I have people telling me all the time that she is the prettiest Westie they have seen. In this picture she's loving the high life!! She weighed 14 pounds at her last checkup. Cheryl N"

ABBY, a Sassy-Cully Jr pup at 4 months. "Here is a picture of Abby at four months. She is getting so big and she's doing so well! She just finished puppy class, learned all of her commands and is now a well trained little lady! She keeps us on our toes and keeps us busy! We adore her and she adores us, too. I have a feeling that we will be wanting a little Westie pup for her next Spring. Thank you again for breeding the best Westies and for bringing Abby into our lives! J Eshoo"

KYRA, a Mary Kate-Charly girl born 9/28/11. "Amazing puppy who has brought so much joy to both of us! She loves for people to come visit, and thinks they have come to see her! She gets all her toys and brings them to our guests so they can play with her!! Sooo cute! She has high energy, and knows when she's been bad! She is incredibly smart and potty trained to ring a bell. The vet says she is a very healthy puppy, even gives him kisses! Janice W, Tennessee"

RORY, a Kenna-Charly girl. ""We love our baby girl, Rory. She is such a joy and we are so thankful for Strawberry River Westies for introducing us. :) She loves to dig, play ball, chew her cow hoof, and play with any dog, cat, person, or creature we come across. She also loves riding in the car and insists on traveling on the center console so that she can sit next to each of us and see out the window. She is such a spoiled princess...but we love her. :) Erin"

JOLIE, a Kenna girl at 5 months. "Jolie seems to say "at 5 months, I'm not as innocent as I look!" Potty training went well but she is into EVERYTHING! So ornery, quick and sassy! L Kowalczyk

OLIVER, a Kenna boy. "this is the sweetest, most lovable little man every! He's doing great. Everyone is in love with him. Thanks, Heidi"

AMY, daughter of Kenna and Fergus, "taken on her 7 month birthday. She is now 8 months, full of energy, smart and very loving. She never misses giving kisses to the family and best friends. Nancy"

SAXON, a Gabby pup that lives with Dawn!

SKIPPY, a Gabby boy. "Here's a pic of Skippy freshly groomed. He's going to be 4 years old this year! M Chen, St Louis"