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THESE DOGS ARE NOT FOR SALE, THEY ARE DOGS THAT WERE BORN HERE AT STRAWBERRY RIVER BUT NOW BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSE. This page is devoted to pups out of dogs we still own and are breeding. The Westie Gallery 2 page is a mix of current and past. Westie Galllery Page 3 shows pups and dogs out of dogs that we have retired. Email me the latest pics of your NICELY GROOMED Strawberry River Westie!

Aila-Bug pup

Aila-Bug runt girl

Bug-Lilly pick Male

Faith-Jayzee pup

COOPER, a Lulu-Jayzee baby boy. "he is a pleasure every minute, the Franz's"

Faith-Jayzee Male

Jayzee-Ava Female

10 year old Cody with his new brother Loki (Hope-Bug boy)

Hope-Jayzee pup

IZZY, a Murphy pup. "Izzy at almost 7 months! Super smart, sweet and a beauty too! Allison K"

Lainie-Jayzee Kaidee Laine

ROCCO, a Murphy-Duncan boy. Thinks the dishwasher is his personal dog bed!

Jayzee-s Kernel! He was a tiny runt, look at his gorgeousness now!

Lulu-Jayzee COOPER.

KAYDEE LAINE, a Jayzee baby in TX. "It took her a little longer to finish, than we thought ... but those basket weaving classes... really paid off!!!!!! Good job, Kaydee Laine!!!! Connie"

Jayzee-Carmen 2016 babies

SAILOR, a Murphy-Duncan girl at 10 weeks old. "Here is our little Sailor all tuckered out after some squirrel chasing. She loves to run and is so fast we cannot even catch her anymore! I'm thinking maybe some agility in her future??? She is quite the little spark plug! Rachael"

An adorable Lilly-Jayzee litter!!

BELLA, Jayzee's daughter. Lives with Sharron. :)

FINNIAN, an Aila pup at 7 months. "finnian is doing great. He's about 9 months now. Sweet and hyper lil guy. Just look atthat adorable face! Can't stay too mad at him. :) TTyl! Oanh"

Jayzee's Kernel, the little runt of Kenna's last litter, 2 lbs at 11 weeks! Going to live with Randy!

CARTER, Lulu-Jayzee boy. "Here is the photo of Carter born in November 2016. He loves to ride in the car! He is my best buddy and such a sweet heart! Karen R"

Lainie-Jayzee puppies on their way to their new homes!

PEYTON, A Lainie-Jayzee girl now living with Gina in TN.

Jayzee baby girl now lives with Sharron in Broken Bow OK..