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NOTE: WE ARE IN NORTHEASTERN (NOT SOUTHERN) ARKANSAS! You can map us online ONLY by our zip code, 72532.  Even our address on GPS may send you down the wrong roads so be sure to get directions from me before your trip!

Email me with any other questions you may have. I answer all emails the same day so If I don't answer that day, call me at 870-847-5715.  Email or 

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND BE SURE TO LIKE STRAWBERRY RIVER WESTIES & YORKIES (this is where I post lots of updates and you can view what others are saying about my dogs and kennel!)

 Upon pick up or delivery of puppy, we ACCEPT ONLY CASH for final payment.  IF YOU SHOW UP WITH ANYTHING ELSE, YOU'LL BE SENT TO THE LOCAL ATM TO GET CASH or will have to do a bank transfer from you phone or computer, or you may forfeit your deposit!

For those unable to come to us, we can sometimes meet part way at buyer's expense.  Four hour round trip is $50, eight hour round trip is $100.  I can give a quote on any trip longer than that.  We meet at our convenience and I WILL NOT DRIVE ON ICY ROADS! Keep in mind, we must hire kennel help if we're gone for more then an 8 hour round trip, so our prices have to reflect that expense!  NOTE: sometimes if we have enough buyers meeting in one general area, they can all split the expenses.  If the buyer is not fexible enough to accommodate our schedule, the buyer has to pick up here.  But we do what we can within reason to accommodate buyers.  

We encourage prospective buyers to come visit our home if at all possible. Visitors are allowed free access to handle our dogs & puppies to see their health, quality, & personality.  Puppies are raised in the nursery, the nursery is a big converted walk in closet off the master bedroom.  We sleep in the loft because the dogs have the master suite.  laughing  

Pups are started on their papertraining prior to going to their new homes, housebreaking is the buyer's responsibility, as is all additional puppy shots.   Our grown retiring dogs are usually not housebroken, but they're usually already crate trained, and housebreak fairly easily according to our buyers.

So you've decided you want one of our pups?  You've called or emailed me to talk everything over with me, asked me to hold a pup until you can get a deposit to me, and want to know what to do next? 

(Step 1)   Read this ENTIRE page THOROUGHLY, then EMAIL your name, address, home, cell & emergency phone numbers, as well as a statement saying you have read & agree to all terms on my site as of the day of your email.   At this point, I'll start holding your puppy or your place on the waiting list. 

(Step 2)  A non-refundable holding fee or deposit of $250 to get on waiting list or for any available pups (goes toward purchase price).  

(step 3)  Send personal check, money order, or cashier's check by PRIORITY mail or first class mail with a tracking number... (we also accept bank wire if that's easier for you), and email me the tracking number within 1 business day after commitment to buy, unless we've mutually agreed on other terms in advance.   It's imperative that you put your payment in the mail in a timely manner or you risk losing your puppy (it's not how long it takes for payment to get to me, it's how long it takes you to send me proof that it's on the way)!  ********  REMEMBER: Your payment is a legal & binding contract & states you agree with the terms set forth on this site, so READ IT ALL THOROUGHLY!   Deposit fee is non-refundable unless your puppy is not healthy at it's vet check.  If circumstances change and you can't get a puppy when you planned and you let us know in a timely manner, we will put your money toward a future litter (at that point, your fee is good for an additional six months unless we mutually agree on longer terms).  

If (through no fault of mine) the buyer can't get their puppy when it's ready to go, buyer may incur boarding fees.  Healthy pups are ready to go at eight weeks!  A week after they're ready to go, if they're still not picked up, boarding fees of $20 per week go into effect, buyer will be informed well in advance so that they won't have any surprise expenses.  This rule does not apply to older puppies that sold at an older age.

Upon pick up or delivery of puppy, we ACCEPT ONLY CASH for final payment.  IF YOU SHOW UP WITH ANYTHING ELSE, YOU'LL BE SENT TO THE LOCAL ATM TO GET CASH or will have to do a bank transfer from you phone or computer, or you will forfeit your holding fee!

Always remember to add $25 for the cost of microchip and registering the chip in your name. Every pup is microchipped prior to leaving our premises. The buyer is paying only for the chip. 

NOTE: IF YOU MUST BRING YOUR DOGS WHEN YOU VISIT, PLEASE CONFINE THEM TO YOUR VEHICLE (THIS IS FOR YOUR DOG'S PROTECTION AS WELL AS OUR'S)!  I have a large dog that may be agressive toward your dogs, not to mention the possibility of passing new strains of bacteria back and forth!






Puppy sold as pet quality companion animal, no guarantees as to adult size or temperament. Guarantee applies only to original buyer of puppy. Guarantee void if animal is used for breeding.  Puppy free of any known health problems at time of sale (unless buyer is told otherwise in writing below).  Shot record provided to buyer. Buyer must follow vet‘s recommendation for remaining vaccinations. Breeder refers all questions about health care, including future vaccinations, to qualified veterinarian. Breeder not responsible for vet bills once buyer takes possession of pup! Lepto or Corona vaccine MUST NOT be given to pup within two weeks of purchase. 

During guarantee period (12 months from date of birth), Breeder to be notified immediately in event puppy is ill or isn’t eating well. Failure to notify breeder of problems within 24 hours of onset of symptoms, MAY void this warranty. NOT covered by guarantee after purchase: internal or external parasites, heat exhaustion, hypoglycemia, hernia, less then perfect bite, retained baby teeth, mild allergies, or immune system disorders (although serious skin disorders are covered). Guarantee is for replacement pup of equal value only. Congenital or hereditary defects making pup unsuitable as pet are covered for 12 months from date of birth (up to 36 months if pup is continuously kept on NuVet vitamins).

If puppy is found to have a serious defect, CONTACT SELLER ASAP, & furnish written veterinarian’s statement including complete diagnosis of what makes puppy unsuitable as pet. (Breeder reserves the right to have diagnosis verified by Seller’s vet before giving replacement puppy). Breeder’s warranty limited to replacement pup of equal value (when one becomes available), all return shipping expenses are buyer‘s responsibility. Buyer must return defective puppy, and ALL paperwork. Puppy must NOT be euthanized without written or emailed approval from the breeder or guarantee is void. Should pup die of genetic or congenital defect within guarantee period, autopsy MAY be required at buyer’s expense. Buyer understands that replacement option is valid only when problems stem from a verifiable hereditary or congenital problem, not due to accident or neglect. If animal is diagnosed by a veterinarian with a contagious disease within 5 days of purchase, and dies within 10 days of purchase, Seller will refund actual purchase price only. Buyer's failure to seek immediate vet care for sick pup, or failure to follow veterinarians recommended course of treatment, will void this warranty. Seller has up to 45 days to refund buyer’s money once seller receives all vet records pertaining to animal’s death & all pup‘s paperwork. 

BUYER AGREES:  This pup is a pet only, with limited AKC.  If Buyer cannot keep dog, Breeder may be willing to purchase dog back for at least half of purchase price (& return shipping of up to $250). If Breeder declines to buy pup back, seller may rehome pup to suitable pet home.  Buyer always willing to take back dog and rehome.  BUYER NEVER HAS THE RIGHT TO TURN ANIMAL OVER TO PET SHOP, DOG BROKER, HUMANE SOCIETY, DOG POUND, OR RESCUE! 

This written agreement is a binding contract, and is the only agreement between the buyer & seller. Any dispute regarding this agreement shall be brought solely in Sharp County, Arkansas. All legal issues and/or court action will be filed in Sharp County Court. Tracey Owens, 201 Simstown Rd, Evening Shade, AR 72532 or,  870-847-5715

OUR HOME BELOW, a bit messy but I love it!